Knowledge Base

1. How would I qualify for a loan approval?

This is a question that many people have. Payday loans are short term loans and the requirements that are present are few which are in accordance with US laws. For instance, you need to hold employment and showcase the same for at least a consecutive period of three months. You could also be required to showcase a checking account that is valid and whose account statement can be obtained for the last three months. You also need to maintain a monthly income that should not exceed $1000.

2. Are there any documentation requirements at first?

When you are submitting a loan request you need not provide any documentation at this stage.

3. What are the chances of approval when I have bad credit?

There is no preliminary credit check that is conducted at our site.

4. Process of application to follow?

The process we offer is an easy one. You simply need to click on the link provided here and fill in the necessary information.

5. How do I get to know about the approval status?

When you submit your application online at our site, we communicate to you the status of your loan request instantly as we have a set evaluation system in place.

6. What is meant by advance payday loan?

This is a short term loan that offers cash and needs to be paid back when the next payday arrives. Loans are offered to meet cash requirements that arise in emergency situations or any kind of urgency.

7. How would the loan be processed?

When the loan amount is approved, the amount that is agreed upon would be deposited in the checking account you specify and this will reach you by the next working day.

8. What if a loan is requested on a weekend?

If you place a request for a loan before eight pm on a Friday the amount will come into your account by Monday in the following week. Loans that you request for over a weekend will be treated, to have been offered to you on Monday. For loans you request by Saturday or Sunday, deposits are made by Tuesday after you are contacted on Monday.

9. What if I wish to withdraw my loan application?

If you wish to cancel your loan you can do the same. If you have applied for a loan and realized that you do not require it, the loan can be returned to us before the business day ends.

10. Are loans offered to military personnel?

We are unable to provide loans to military personnel.

11. What is the repayment process?

When the due date arrives for your loan payment, the amount would be withdrawn from your account.

12. What is the timeframe of repayment?

The loan you opt from us falls due by the next payday unless the payday is within seven days after we have given you the loan. In that case the payday when the repayment becomes applicable is the following payday. The funds are lent to customers for a month. We also encourage customers to repay in advance, in which case you might even qualify for a refund of the charges levied.